Size guide

We know it’s very important for you and your children to find the perfect size. It’s also very important for us to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right size. Therefore, we created a size guid for all our products. We highly recommend you check the size chart for each product.  If you are still not sure, please reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you find the right size for your little ones.

Most of our clothes we have the sizes are in heights rather than age, because size in relation to age can be different for each child. If your child is between 2 sizes, we recommend you to buy the largest size. For example, if your child’s height between 100 and 110, we recommend you to buy 110. Then you can be sure that, your child will have the best moveability and comfort for the longest time.

Here is a guid how you can measure your child

  1. Height: Measure your child with legs together from head to toe.
  2. Sleeves: Measure your child from the middle of the neck down the arm to the wrist.
  3. Hip: Measure your child’s hip at the widest point.
  4. Waist: Measure your child’s waist at the narrowest point.
  5. Chest: Measure your child around the chest under the armpits with arms hanging down the side
  6. Leg: Measure your child from the crotch and down to the foot along the inside of the leg

 General size guide.

80CM (31.4 Inch)

1-2 Years

90CM (35.4 Inch)

2-3 Years

100CM (39.3 Inch)

3-4 Years

110CM (43.3 Inch)

5-6 Years

120CM (47.2 Inch)

6-7 Years

130CM (51.1 Inch)

7-8 Years

140CM (55.1 Inch)

8-9 Years

150CMm(59 Inch)

9-10 Years


Note: This size guide is a general guide. Please make sure to check the size chart and recommended age and heights  for the products you are buying.